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Music That Stays Put 31 May, 2005

Posted by monopod in Self-Absorption.

Having stepped up the running over the past couple of weeks, and with my lovely running partner unable to join me except on Fridays, I’d resolved to distract myself from my woeful lack of fitness with music – if not for the fact that every single pair of earphones in the house refuses to stay in my ears (we have your typical earbuds, those earbuds that secure over everyone else’s ears except mine and clip-on phones).

So having done a bit of research, I am now thinking that canalphones are the way to go, and have on my list so far Koss The Plug and the Sony Fontopia (the Shure series looks delectable but I would rather not be penniless). This website is proving very interesting reading at the moment.

The key requirement is simply that they don’t fall out of my ears while running, though good sound would be a bonus, clearly (a lot of reviews of the Koss – and to a lesser extent the Sony – criticise the heavy bass you seem to get with these earphones. I don’t know whether cord noise will be a problem as well).

Anyone have any ideas?



1. Michelle - 6 June, 2005

I have Sony canalphones. Cord noise while running might well be a problem although given that I have no fitness regime whatsoever I certainly couldn’t speak from experience. I have, however, detected some cord noise when running for the bus.

Also, keep in mind that if you’ve put the phones in right, you will not be able to hear much else apart from your music – a bit dangerous when running alone. You won’t hear someone sneaking up behind you, someone shouting “Watch out!” or someone shouting “Nice legs luv!” πŸ˜›

2. monopod - 6 June, 2005

Hi Mich πŸ™‚ I do most lone running on the (staffed) track these days so don’t anticipate oblivion to surroundings being a particular problem, but thanks for the warning anyway!

I checked out the Sony earphones yesterday but the verdict was that they wouldn’t fit in my apparently abnormally small ear canals. So I ended up sniping a pair of Koss plugs on ebay last night instead. We’ll see what they’re like when they arrive… I’ll do a review when I get them and have had the chance to test them out.

(P/S: And there’s no chance of getting a ‘Nice legs luv’ comment! ‘Ooo sweetcheeks’ was a particularly cringeworthy one last year though…)

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