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Addictions 31 May, 2005

Posted by monopod in Self-Absorption.

I am currently addicted to Grape-Nuts and Alpro unsweetened soya milk. Him tells me I have a faddy personality, and though I strenuously protested at first, I now take his point, because extreme enthusiasm for me tends to go in peaks and troughs. Like getting terribly excited about being a speech therapist/archaeologist/financial adviser for about ten seconds (that’s modifying ‘get’, not ‘be’, for all you pedants out there). And buying a huge jigsaw (“because I love jigsaws!”), doing it all in one sitting and then not doing any more jigsaws for about two years. And eating nothing but Grape Nuts and soya milk every morning for the past couple of months (and other things only grudgingly because I’d run out of Grape Nuts). And researching things to death only to get bored with them two days later. To my credit I do have one ongoing obsession, and as a result can tell you far more things about sunscreens than you would probably care to hear. This all makes me a fascinating dinnertime companion. Yes.

So tell me about your addictions. (I see a trend here with Interactive Blog.)


1. bev - 1 June, 2005

i would like to try those grape nuts! at least your addictions are healthy. i think i’m addicted to durian ice cream. and apple crumble. and extremely salty things. =P

2. monopod - 1 June, 2005

Ooo, I like extremely salty things too. Like sng boey, which Mum always tells me not too eat too much of but then proceeds to put many many packets of into any parcels she sends up.

I think they sell Grape Nuts in Cold Storage don’t they? Failing which Jasons would probably be a good bet…

3. bev - 2 June, 2005

hee hee. i always finish mum’s sng boey and then she scolds me for eating all of it… =P actually she scolds me for eating all of her snacks too because there’s none left when she wants to eat it… what to do..she leaves it there for so long! then i start and i cannot stop =P

4. monopod - 2 June, 2005

I could really do with a large handful of sng boey right now 😛

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