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Whatshisname on the Cross 20 May, 2005

Posted by monopod in Observations, Religion.

I’ve just been participating in a conversation on an online forum on the use of religious symbols and artifacts in fashion where someone’s just said:

“I just remembered a conversation I overheard between two girls in New Look in Chelmsford, one told the other she didn’t want a plain cross she wanted ‘one of them crosses that have that little bloke on it, like’.”

As a practising Catholic, while I do have to say that I find the wearing of crucifixes and rosaries as ‘fashionable’ items disrespectful (and though I can’t speak for other religions I would imagine that “having Ganesh or Buddha on the soles of your shoes” could easily cause offence), that’s just so completely inane it’s hilarious.

I was going to say that I found it incredible that someone in a country with such a Christian past wouldn’t even know the bloke’s name, but perhaps it isn’t so incredible after all.



1. Casey Leaver - 23 May, 2005

That’s Chelmsford for you. Every time I go home I’m amazed afresh.

2. monopod - 23 May, 2005

I’d forgotten you hailed from Essex!

3. Vicky Theay - 31 August, 2005

Not as staggering as the ‘little bloke on it’ remark, but at the time, it amazed me:

I was coming out of a pub one night with a man, a friend of mine who loved Elvis Presley and used to wear his hair like Elvis.
As we came out of the door a man with his girlfriend/wife said ‘Hey look, its Elvis Presley!’. This was quickly followed by ‘Who’s that?’ from the girl.

4. monopod - 31 August, 2005

Wrong generation perhaps?

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