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Mortality 1 April, 2005

Posted by monopod in Religion.

It is a rather peculiar feeling, feeling numb the way I felt numb at my own grandparents’ funerals. Displacement is perhaps the word I’m groping for. As for so many others under 30, he’s the only Pope I’ve ever known. As a child you never think of mortality or what happens when someone who has always been there suddenly isn’t.

It is something bigger than the death of a man. For me, at least, it is the fear that with his death will also come the death of the moral and ethical codes that he fought for during his papacy – bringing it home, moral and ethical codes that I and millions of other Catholics try to fight for in our own ways, however minor, every day.

They’re already speaking of him in the past tense.



1. bev - 3 April, 2005

nat could you send me a picture of u and alvin? (i’ll tell u why in my email…er… soon =P)

2. monopod - 3 April, 2005

Will a wedding photo do? I’ll send one to you when you tell me why you want it…

3. bev - 18 April, 2005

nat… where’s my photo?

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