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The Very Brief Plant List 29 March, 2005

Posted by monopod in Plant Death, Self-Absorption.

Okay, we’re on a roll here. I now have three plants which I am going to attempt to keep alive. Two of them have survived since last summer, mainly because they’re succulents and I have all but ignored them (proof that they thrive on blatant neglect, particularly where I’m concerned).

I have:

Crassula Argentea
Crassula argentea (Jade plant)

Adromischus Cooperi
Adromischus cooperi (also a member of the crassulaceae family)

and the already pictured Dracaena marginata magenta bush.




1. bev - 1 April, 2005

hi nat could i put your blog link on my site? or do u want your blog to remain invites only =P

2. monopod - 1 April, 2005

Add away 🙂

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