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Arrrggghhh 29 March, 2005

Posted by monopod in Plant Death, Self-Absorption.

Follow-up to Catwoman is also a Non-Selective Herbicide

I just found out that I didn’t kill my plant at all and that the flower was meant to go kaput. I feel a bit dopey. In fact I am rather a lot dopey. Oh dear, my poor dear plant, alive and in a bin. People who can actually take care of plants must be thinking ‘what a dolt’, and I completely concur, with the benefit of hindsight. In retrospect and in feeble excuse, it looked nothing like my flower prototype. In the spirit of the ‘it’s someone else’s fault’ culture, why don’t the blooming (ha, see what I did there?) plant tags give you critical information like this? Grouse grouse. This will teach me to do a bit more research on plants instead of picking up pretty specimens willy-nilly.

I can now add ‘plants which you thought you’d killed but which were really alive but which you killed because you threw them in the bin’ to my list of plants that I have sent to my plant graveyard.

But onward we strive! My list of plants that I am resolving to experiment with now looks like the following (in no particular order):

Dracaena marginata
Dracaena sanderiana (‘lucky bamboo’)
Zamioculcas zamiifolia

Scheme scheme scheme.



1. berlin - 27 February, 2009


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