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Catwoman is also a Non-Selective Herbicide 23 March, 2005

Posted by monopod in Plant Death.

Follow-up to Indestructible

It is official – I am Plant Killer Extraordinaire. I have killed my tropical plant in orange gel thingy. This orange gel thingy was not after all the ultimate antidote to my serial plant killer status. I am clearly easily taken in by pretty ornamental plants in supermarkets that are placed with the fresh flower display for a reason (note to self: believe sticky label on plant container that says in big block letters DO NOT ADD WATER TO GEL).

For those of you who were wondering what happened to my living stones, they died. One of them was eaten up by some interesting white fungus and the other shrivelled up and popped its clogs, both despite (valiant, yes indeed) rescue attempts.

So now I have my eye on a jewel orchid (Ludisia Discolor), but have rather sensibly decided to leave it in the garden centre until I absorb some superior gardening skills.



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