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I am Catwoman, Hear Me Roar 21 March, 2005

Posted by monopod in Self-Absorption.

It’s been a while. The past month has (mostly) been a blur of long days and not-long-enough nights, but having emerged (mostly) intact I am now turning my attention to somewhat more idle pursuits (as evidenced by previous pig post).

I’d resolved to be back with more of a flourish but have rather sadly discovered that after the month-long hiatus I actually don’t have anything particularly fascinating to write about. It has also just occurred to me that rather than this impressively introspective blog post, I instead opted to trailblaze my way back into the blog world with a picture of a pig. Such is life.

So I’ll tell you about my alter-ego, Catwoman, instead. Catwoman has one enviable gift (apart from sleeping for more than 12 hours if left to her own devices): she is blessed in the art of stealth tactics. Watch and learn as Catwoman sits stealthily near state-of-the-art intruder alert systems without being detected! Gasp in wonder as Catwoman walks stealthily within the range of state-of-the-art intruder alert systems without being detected! Bow down to the might of Catwoman as Batman enters the fray and immediately falls victim to the laser beams that Catwoman has stealthily thwarted! All hail Catwoman!

Okay, I admit to that last paragraph being somewhat artistically interpreted. All it really is is that Catwoman doesn’t set off infra-red alarms* because she is circulatorily challenged, but that’s not nearly quite as interesting, is it.

*She also has the enviable skill of avoiding detection by certain proximity readers that automatically open doors for you, by virtue of her being slightly vertically challenged as well.



1. bev - 22 March, 2005

hee. can i be catwoman’s apprentice?

2. monopod - 22 March, 2005

Submit your CV and we’ll talk then 😉

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