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Sequitur 21 January, 2005

Posted by monopod in Him, Self-Absorption.

What with me having been grumpy all week and veering wildly between wanting to bite people’s heads off, bursting into tears and yesterday, engaging in melodramatic groaning while doped up with painkillers (some of the mildly amusing consequences of having entered my twenties), we had the following conversation today:

Him (concerned): How are you feeling this morning?
Me: Fat.



1. Vicky Theay - 25 January, 2005

Entering your twenties is okay, you can leave those painful teenage years behind you. Mid-twenties and things are still okay, you’re young enough to know what teens are doing and yet old enough to be able to be taken seriously if you wish. Enter your thirties and things start to look a little different because younger people start to react to you in different ways and you realise that its because you’re grown up! Oh dear you think ‘Me?’ ‘Grown up?’ ‘How did this state of affairs come about?’ At some point you start thinking how young students look these days, or what’s this annoying sounds coming from the radio. Then you realise that you’re closer to 40 than 30!

2. monopod - 25 January, 2005

On that subject, I’ve never told you how incredibly young you look; I was gobsmacked when I found out you weren’t around the same age as I am!

I reckon age is just a number. Besides, there’re so many things to celebrate about getting older (though I may change my tune after I enter my thirties, forties… )

3. Vicky Theay - 26 January, 2005

It must be my brilliant skin care routine!
I’m just lucky, nothing else. Apart from bathing in milk and rose petals thrice daily.

4. monopod - 26 January, 2005

I’ll remember that one for a future pampering sesh 😉

5. Bev - 27 January, 2005

Nat your new blog site background is nice!
Are u feeling better? =)

6. monopod - 27 January, 2005

Hi Bev – I still owe you an email!! I haven’t forgotten; I’ve just been bogged down with work. I promise I will try harder…

And I’m feeling better with regard to the post (just PMS), but other stuff isn’t quite so good at the moment… will update you in my email.

7. bev - 27 January, 2005

ok dear looking forward to hearing from you! =) miss u lots

8. monopod - 27 January, 2005

Miss you loads too 😥

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