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Freedom of Information and Cat Pee 14 January, 2005

Posted by monopod in Observations.

Today’s copy of the Times Higher states that “most notable among a handful of reported demands from members of the public under the 2000 Act has been a round-robin request to veterinary schools for information regarding ‘vets and dog food and urinary blockage in male cats’, from a veteran pet nutrition campaigner”.

Ours haven’t been quite so entertaining, but there’s plenty of time yet (before the Tories get into power and decide the Act is riddled with practical difficulties and peremptorily consign it to the annals of history*).

On a related note, the same column in the Higher is slightly misleading when it writes: “Liverpool John Moores University must be hoping it does not receive any similar queries. The Act requires institutions to respond to requests within 20 days. But the University’s key FoI contact is on leave until January 17 – 17 days into the Act.”, because it’s actually 20 working days – so Liverpool John Moores University’s FoI officer can heave a sigh of relief that they’ve only lost a paltry 9 days..

*Purely personal tongue-in-cheek.



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