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The Itchy and Scratchy Show 10 January, 2005

Posted by monopod in Self-Absorption.

I’m itchy. All over.


Being itchy is terrible for being able to go to sleep. Having any sort of nails is also a Very Bad Idea because when you scratch furiously you inevitably not only scratch your skin off but leave yourself with unsightly petechiae.

It (probably) all started two days ago when my skin decided it didn’t like the body moisturiser I’d been using for eons (Him says I put too much on and my body is finally rebelling through the build-up of chemical poison, but that’s another story altogether). Having perused the ingredient list the prime suspect is lanolin (Nivea, are you listening? ‘Proven to be gentle towards all types of skin’ my foot/other body part). First it was a little patch of skin on my stomach (on Friday afternoon). By Saturday it had spread to both arms, both legs, torso, blah blah blah. (Growl.) Saturday night was a nightmare – woke up every hour having scratched myself raw and finally found blessed relief in a hot shower. On hindsight it was a rather bad idea to plop more moisturiser on in the mistaken belief that it was dry skin that was causing the itching.

Sunday night was another nightmare, but this time I resorted to the hot shower trick earlier (plus calamine lotion and antihistamine). Was still kept awake till way past my bedtime though, with the result that today I was a total zombie at work, had developed a splitting headache by mid-afternoon and had to leave work early (because it would most likely have turned into a migraine had I continued to look at the computer screen). Several hours sleep and painkillers later I’m much better, hence the blogging.

I seem to have been getting allergic reactions to a lot more things than usual. Well, ‘a lot more’ in that two things in the space of a month is very unusual – I can’t recall having reacted to anything in all my years apart from cow’s milk when I was the tender age of one/two/Mum, fill in the blank.

Bah. I’m off to take another Zirtek and try to catch up on the work I couldn’t do this afternoon.



1. bev - 11 January, 2005

heh is your skin ok now?

2. monopod - 11 January, 2005

It’s much better now, thanks πŸ™‚

The offender is in the bin!

3. monopod - 12 January, 2005

I take it back – it was agony last night! Harrrumph. I wonder if I’ve developed some strange allergy to my bedsheets/washing powder etc. – haven’t changed anything though! If this continues with no apparent cause I’m going to have to visit the doctor so he can be similarly perplexed.

4. Michelle - 13 January, 2005

Fullest, deepest, sympathies. 😦

5. monopod - 13 January, 2005


The good news is, the scratching is not half as frenzied as it was a few days ago. I’m hoping it’s just the lanolin gradually working its way out of my system (if it really was that in the first place).

I’m certain this was light relief compared to what you have to go through a lot of the time though 😦

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