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Love 8 January, 2005

Posted by monopod in Awwwww, Writing.

My sister has met the man she’d previously only known in her dreams – someone who is making her ‘begin to see that it might just be worth the risk’ (my sister, the pragmatic, is clearly no longer cornering the market on youthful cynicism). On her blog she recently asked: When do you know that you love someone?

I told her this:

As for when you know that you love someone (and love them in the right way): it’s when you can let them go if it would be the right thing to do; if it would give them happiness, even if you’re breaking inside. It’s when they are not lessened in your company but are encouraged to grow (and do). It’s when you value and respect all the things that make up them. It’s when they come first and you are not diminished. It’s when they (and you) understand, without a word, without a sign. And love isn’t a feeling. It is a decision.

In response she wrote a poem, inspired by my words. It made me very happy.



1. bev - 9 January, 2005

=) i let jun yuan read this entry of yours. it made him very happy too. =)

2. monopod - 9 January, 2005


Jun Yuan: Be good to her (and to God).

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