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Asia Earthquake Appeal 28 December, 2004

Posted by monopod in Miscellaneous.

You will all no doubt already have read about the Asia earthquake that took place early on Boxing Day. The impact of the earthquake has been devastating – so far more than 140,000 people have been killed (death toll still rising) and more than 500,000 injured.

Earthquake map
1. Indonesia: 94,081
2. Sri Lanka: 30,196
3. India (inc Andaman and Nicobar Is): 9,479
4. Thailand: 5,246
5. Somalia: 150
6. Burma: 59
7. Maldives: 74
8. Malaysia: 68
9. Tanzania: 10
10. Seychelles: 1
11. Bangladesh: 2
12. Kenya: 1

Foreign tsunami victims include the following:
Germany: 60 dead, 1,000 missing
Sweden: 52 dead, 2,322 missing
Britain: 41 dead, 159 missing
France: 22 dead, 99+ missing
Norway: 16 dead, 91 missing
Japan: 21 dead
Italy: 18 dead, 540+ missing
Switzerland: 23 dead, 105 missing
US: 16 dead
Australia: 12 dead, 79 missing
South Korea: 11 dead, 9 missing
(Figures include those feared dead but not all unaccounted for. – Sources: Reuters, AP)

One of the world’s largest relief efforts is currently underway in a major effort to help not just survivors of and the families of those killed in the tsunami itself (first aid, evacuation, provision of emergency supplies etc.) but also to manage the communicable diseases that will undoubtedly be caused by the extensive damage to water and sanitation systems.

You can help by giving generously to one of the following agencies carrying out relief work in all the affected countries. Please give as much as you can.

Care International
International Federation of the Red Cross
Medecins Sans Frontieres
Save The Children
World Vision
Christian Aid
Islamic Relief
UN World Food Programme

Alternatively, you can give through the Disasters Emergency Committee (DEC), an umbrella group of UK charities including, among others, British Red Cross, Cafod, Oxfam, Save the Children and Tearfund: donate online or call 0870 60 60 900.

Further information on charities and ways to donate is available at the BBC website

Prayers are with all those suffering at this time.


1. bev - 29 December, 2004

scary eh.
u know i was in sri lanka on the 22nd? wow just 4 days before the earthquake hit.

and the friends of mine that extended their india trip… they were in india 8 hours before the tsunami hit.. 500 people were stranded there.


2. monopod - 29 December, 2004


I’m very glad you’re safe, bevie.

3. Ian Rowley - 30 December, 2004

Does anyone know if anyone from Warwick actually got caught up in the Asia tragedy? Or if they have friends or family affected?

Terribly sad!

4. monopod - 1 January, 2005

It’s very upsetting, yes.

I don’t know anything concrete about any Warwick members having been affected, so don’t want to inadvertently spread any unfounded rumours.

5. bev - 5 January, 2005

hi nat not sure if u would read my response on my blog so decided to respond here.
i sliced my foot on a piece of metal (not the same one as my sprained foot) so now i have stitches in the sole of my foot.. and have to be on crutches and step on the foot i sprained…
no one would ever know i used to be a gymnast…..

heehee. SIGH

6. monopod - 5 January, 2005

I read your blog regularly 😉 I might as well duplicate my response here too seeing as you have 😀

So poorthing you 😉 sayang

[whisper]clumsy clod[/whisper]


7. bev - 8 January, 2005

la di da….
you haven’t updated your blog for 2 weeks!!

faster faster….
do you like my poem inspired by you?? =)

8. monopod - 8 January, 2005

I’ve been busy, woman!

Plus I didn’t really have anything to write about. I’ll update soon (what one does for one’s fans, sigh. 😉 :P)

And I was very touched by the fact that my words inspired you 🙂 Hey, maybe I’ll make your poem the subject of my next blog post – can I link?

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