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Merry Christmas! 25 December, 2004

Posted by monopod in Him, Self-Absorption, Weekends.

MERRY CHRISTMAS one and all!

It’s been absolutely wonderful so far. Midnight Mass at St Peter’s was beautiful, Him loved his present (I think!), I loved my presents (Him got me the Miller Harris perfume!! WAHEY!! Not before giving me a lovely toiletries bag for my ‘vast’ collection when we go on hols (NB: Must make note to disabuse Him of the notion that my collection is huge – should see the collections of some of the people I know; suitcases have nothing on them) as my ‘decoy’ present and sending me on a treasure hunt around the house (and laughing himself loopy at my complete lack of ingenuity)). MMMMMMM. It’s such a make-your-knees-melt scent (Him thinks so too, wink wink). Plus Sarah got me cool stripey knitted monkey socks and sparkly hair accessories and earrings, mwahahahahaha (Sarah, if you’re reading this, I love my present – thank you!)

Not to mention the fact that I’ve already got most of the other things I asked for on my Christmas list 🙂

Then we stayed up till the grand old hour of 4am (I tried, honestly… I’m too old and decrepit for these all-nighter sessions! Just as well, because if we had I’d still be in bed now) before falling into a Very Sound Slumber.

Today we’re going walking on Coundon Wedge – hurrah! After pork roast – in the oven now – um yum.



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