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Hangover at speed 25 December, 2004

Posted by monopod in Self-Absorption.

Follow-up to Merry Christmas!

Do you know anyone else who gets a hangover after one sip of (good) champagne and a glass of alcohol-free wine (0.05% ABV)? Five minutes after drinking it? Our walk at Coundon Wedge had to be postponed in favour of a painkiller and four hours’ sleep…

Bah. I can’t decide if I’m actually allergic to alcohol or whether I’m just a lightweight.



1. Michelle - 26 December, 2004

Sounds like an allergy, Nat. But has it happened before?

2. monopod - 26 December, 2004

Hi Mich… Merry Christmas 🙂

I’ve never been able to drink much at all – I typically get giggly/red/dazed after a cm or so; half a glass of wine and I’m away with the fairies (except on one rare occasion when I actually had two whole glassfuls of a very very nice wine indeed – a ’79 German, the grape/vineyard of which I’ve sadly forgotten, but I digress). It just seemed rather extreme…

I expect you can get more sensitised over time though. I’ve now been banned from all alcohol, barring the special diluted sherry served at all good Masses in your vicinity.

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