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Headless Chicken 17 November, 2004

Posted by monopod in Self-Absorption.

This is me today. I have killed three trees due to my lack of grey matter and subsequent flagrant waste of paper, scuffed my lovely boots through tripping on uneven pavement, had the pleasure of partaking of Viva’s excuse for sushi, and am currently trying to survive on Red Bull while trying to do work that was due yesterday.

When is Christmas?

And thank God for couriers. Ooh, and Deutsche Post who have brought me my lovely order from Germany in two working days (something from Dr Hauschka which I am determined to enjoy tonight, if you’re interested in things like that).



1. Sofia Carna - 17 November, 2004

December 25th.

2. monopod - 17 November, 2004

That was clearly not as rhetorical as I had intended.

3. bev - 18 November, 2004

tee hee.

4. monopod - 18 November, 2004

What on earth are you doing still awake? Go to bed!!

5. Michelle - 18 November, 2004

Tee hee.

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