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Snapshots from this weekend 14 November, 2004

Posted by monopod in Awwwww, Him, Weekends.

On Friday night, emerged from bedroom triumphant after having miraculously learnt how to curl my hair with my straighteners without looking like I’d been dragged through a hedge backwards. On Friday night, ate parsnips and sorbet for dessert.

On Saturday, got up bright and early for a test drive in the new Skoda Fabia Estate 1.9 TDi Elegance and was very impressed with the ride. Diesel engines rock. Prestige Garage in Coventry rocks for matching our Internet deal. (Coming soon to a blog near you: rhapsodies about new cars.) On Saturday after test drive visited spanking new Tesco Extra at Arena Park, was (probably) undercharged for breakfast, spent blissful amount of time wandering around Tesco aisles and bought two basic long-sleeved tees to wear under jumpers for the princely amount of £4.

Still on Saturday, watched a friend manfully deliver a performance as Curly in Oklahoma! at the Swan Theatre in Stratford. Quite apart from grinning at James with permed hair (and appreciating that voice!), had great fun chortling at the (brilliant) Ali Hakim.

On Sunday, after coming home from Mass, slept (and slept). At 4pm transmogrified into Domestic Goddess and whizzed through piles of ironing. At 7pm started the pile of work I’d brought home from the office on Friday and ignored the whole weekend. At 8pm was completely surprised by Him with the most wonderful card and self-penned poem and [burble]lots of Waterstone’s vouchers!!!![/burble]. At 8pm, realised that despite the work it was one of the best weekends I’d had in ages, thanks to Him.



1. bev - 15 November, 2004

alvin likes to write poems just like u! =) have u read the poem on my blog
hahaaa =P

2. monopod - 15 November, 2004

No he doesn’t, which is what made it all the more lovely πŸ˜‰

And I have read the poem on your blog, yes! Something tells me someone is rather smitten πŸ˜‰

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