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Food combining 13 November, 2004

Posted by monopod in Him, Weekends.

Not in the sense of not eating protein and carbohydrates together, as the phrase is commonly understood, but in the sense of ordering both honey-roasted parsnips and ice-cream/sorbet for dessert. Our waiter at Eden Restaurant where Him and I went for a gorgeous meal last night to celebrate our first anniversary (not till Monday though!) now thinks I am a bit barmy, but I think the fact that I’d made a bit of an effort for a change meant that I could distract him with fluttery eyelashes.

In two days, one year today. I don’t quite know how that happened so quickly, but I do know that in the past year I’ve probably been the happiest I’ve ever been.

Especially when Him drops his parsnip in his cheese plate.



1. bev - 13 November, 2004

ahahahahahahahahaahaaaa!!!!!!! i can imagine alvin doing that… and i can imagine us both laughing and falling off the chair =P so fast it’s been a year… i’m so glad u are happy dear =)

2. monopod - 14 November, 2004

=D =D =D

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