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Senility is not an option 11 November, 2004

Posted by monopod in Peabrain, Self-Absorption.

Follow-up to Losing my – mind

This morning I left the house, got in the car and was driven a considerable distance to work before realising I couldn’t see. I’d left my spectacles at home, you see (oh the humour). You would have thought this would have been something substantial enough to have been noticed earlier, but this was clearly not to be.

It would probably be in my best interests not to write such implicatory (now does that even mean what I want it to mean? Well, it does now) entries, but I found it amusing in such an unfortunate way I just had to.



1. bev - 12 November, 2004

tee hee…. i realised what characterizes u me and al is the same….the…exact…same…genre of rubbish humour we share….:P
love you!

2. monopod - 12 November, 2004

RUBBISH HUMOUR??? Thanks a lot Bev, you’re now written out of my will 😛

I left a comment on your blog in your apple crumble entry 😀

3. Michelle - 13 November, 2004

I’d left my spectacles at home, you see (oh the humour).

Are you referring to aqueous or vitreous?

Sorry, I’ll leave quietly now.

4. monopod - 14 November, 2004

Yes, you do that, madam. Honestly. Introducing such rubbish humour to my pristine blog.

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