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Heaven is a Banana Cake 30 October, 2004

Posted by monopod in Food, Self-Absorption.

Hopefully. Because I’m making one (from scratch, natch) and the last time I made a cake was eight years ago under Home Economics duress. The mix looks nice in the bowl at the moment, but there’s still time.

Where’s my metaclopramide? Maybe posting my revolting pumpkin was a psychic glimpse into the future. Though Him and I aren’t quite that orange.

Bum, my cake has collapsed in the middle. We need to get a proper steamer. (Go on then, blame the equipment…)

Anyone who wants entertainment should come round ours on a Saturday night and watch us discover that the recipe for banana cake in our possession is WRONG. 25 minutes’ steaming time is blatantly WRONG.

Anyone for half-done banana cake ? (At least that solves the sinking cake mystery.)

We’ve now scooped off the done bits and popped them in the microwave (for safety’s sake), topped up the loaf tin with the rest of the mix we refrigerated earlier and are now trying again. This cake is going to look hideous, but by golly, it WILL be edible…

My title is very misleading now. God clearly has a sense of humour.


1. bev - 2 November, 2004

heaven is a banana cake?? tee hee… u must make cakes that look as though they are difficult to bake but are actually very easy… i’m going to start with bread pudding.. =P

2. monopod - 2 November, 2004

The cake was startlingly easy to make actually – once we got the steaming time right ๐Ÿ˜‰ I am SO a domestic goddess. Want the recipe? ๐Ÿ˜€

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