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Old movies (re)visited 24 October, 2004

Posted by monopod in Reviews, Weekends.

In the same spirit as the one associated with my starting to read again, Him and I have been watching old movies (some of which I am perplexed at not having watched much earlier, but no matter; catching up is highly enjoyable).

This weekend it was Singin’ in the Rain – brilliant fun, and Gene Kelly is such a dish. Debbie Reynolds reminds me of Grace Kelly, and Donald O’Connor’s elastic face (and clearly everything else) is a riot. What happened to multitalented movie stars?

Other choice picks have been My Fair Lady (watched ages ago but forgotten), The Towering Inferno and the original Star Trek series (with astoundingly youthful Kirk and Spock! – see what I told you about the secret geek bit), and we’ll be looking for Fiddler on the Roof next weekend. Any other suggestions welcome. Oh, and The Scarlet and the Black.

And not an old movie, but we also watched Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind on Friday night, which I loved. Jim Carrey is actually surprisingly attractive when he’s not making stupid faces.



1. Vicky Theay - 8 January, 2005

You know, I’ve been thinking for some time now that Jim Carrey is really attractive and seeing him in ESotSM only reinforces my opinion. I must also admit to being a big big Star Trek fan, both of the original series and the Next Generation – something only my housemates know about, until now. I have to admit that I do like Mr Spock and think he’s lovely – don’t laugh! Its those eyebrows and sharp fringe…get me every time!

2. monopod - 8 January, 2005

Jim Carrey in OTT comic guise is the biggest turn-off though.

Spock is kewl =D He’s my favourite character – closely followed by Bones/Doc/McCoy.

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