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The skinny Singapore squad 8 October, 2004

Posted by monopod in Observations.

Again while back in Singapore last week, I got stopped outside Bata at Peninsula Plaza on the pretext of offering my views on how overjoyed I am with my current life, energy levels and dress size. (All a cover for the great company that is Herbalife, naturally.) I played along with happy, self-fulfilled answers. After having told the chappie that I was perfectly satisfied with everything he asked me if I had considered XX slimming product, so I looked him in the eye and asked him “Do I look like I need to lose weight?” Blithely came the answer: “Oh, our product is not just for losing weight it is for maintaining weight and keeping healthy!” Followed closely by giving me a leaflet on how to lose weight with XX slimming product and a request for my telephone number so I could be contacted for more information. I took great pleasure in telling him I was there on holiday.

On the subject of slimming, it struck me several times in the time I was there that at a UK size 6–8, it’s terribly depressing that I feel fat and flabby in Singapore. There is something about Singapore that seems to encourage a warped body image, and I haven’t been able to put a finger on exactly what – neurosis and insecurity comes to mind, but it’s more than that. The proverbial stick insect is alive and well in Singapore, and she thinks nothing of trying to lose those ‘extra’ pounds.

I talk too much. I must be off to do my tricep dips to eliminate my fat and flabby arms.



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